Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bikes of my past

After seeing Brandons list, then Adams list, i decided to follow the trend and make my own list. Here's the list as far back as i can remember-

Mongoose steel frame MTB- full rigid
Royce Union BMX bike- awesome
Mongoose Aluminum hardtail MTB- heavy and horrible
Vitus steel frame tri-bike- first 700c bike, road well but not very fast...squishy.
Fuji Aloha tri bike- Don hooked me up here and i road the wheels off it, kind of liked it.
Fuji Tahoe Pro MTB- First decent mountain bike. Pretty good ride
Specialized Allez elite Road bike- first road bike, nothing special(ized)
Redline SS 29'er- Fun but useless
Cervelo P3C- Unreal.. I don't want a P4
Cervelo Soloist Carbon- Another great cervelo, most fun bike I've ever ridden
Fuji Mt. Fuji Pro MTB- somewhat disappointed, but a fun bike
Orbea Orca (as commuter)- Never late to work on it
Cervelo SLC-SL- R.I.P
Soon to come- another SLC-SL frame

The past 10 or so is within the last 3-4 years... I should slow down with the bikes..

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Lisa said...

Slow down? Naaaaaaah!