Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bi-Monthly Blog update part II

I swam tuesday, so according to a previous post that means it's time to update my blog too. Nothing real exciting but alot of it! After about a month and a half of a hit-or-miss training regimen I' back on track for ironman training with about 4.5 weeks to go. With that being said, I did a crit race today... about a month before an Ironman. Good thing I don't think things through sometimes because it was alot of fun. My race strategy for things like that is go to the front and ride like hell for 30 mins. However, with about 3 laps to go I faded back to mid-pack to catch a draft and get a minute or 2 of recovery, and that's when the crash occured. I was about 2 bike lengths behind and a couple widths to the side so was able to stay out of it and rode into the gravel at 22mph. By the time I got myself back on the course I hammered for 2 laps and realized I wasn't catching the lead group, but had a good injury-free workout nonetheless. But that's the last stupid workout until after CDA. CapTexTri (sprint) is on the schedule though since my pre-race "check-engine" light is on I'm hoping it'll be a good way of getting the final tweak on training.

On another note Turq at Xterra Wetsuits messaged me about sending a transition bag, which I'm assuming is new, so that's definitely a product worth checking out. Maybe a product review or comparison report to my current RSS bag? Check for that one in a week or two.

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