Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things I've learned this week

After the little accident I had wednesday I haven't been able to do much besides sit down or lay down, which apparently leads to alot of t.v, computer, and thinking. I decided to compile some of the finer points I've learned lately. The first being that riding on the trainer might not be as monotonous and boring as I'd previously seen it to be. The next that the human body really does not like to go from over 30mph to zero too quickly. Then that random Austin citizens can be your best friends, and APD/EMS/Fire have impressively fast response times. The final that I don't ever, ever want to get hit by a car again. I'm not even that bummed about my cracked and splintered SLC-SL that has less than 20 miles on it because I'm still in one piece, nothings broken, and in a few days I'll be back to the way i was on Tuesday, and a bike can be replaced. As always the care and support of everyone kept spirits up and again reminded me that I'm lucky to have all you guys around. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping calm when I called you from the back of an ambulance, meeting me at the hospital, and taking care of me more than I'd wanted the first couple days of recovery.


coppertop10 said...

aww... i hope i'm one of those people that you're talkin about! lol : )

i'm so glad you're ok! bikes can be replaced, but you can't replace georges!

i can't wait for wednesday!! woo!

apinkin said...

man i'm so glad you are ok! stop hitting on cars - most of 'em are not in your AG

Grant Glauser said...

get better soon. glad to hear nothing to serious was injured. hope the driver gets whats coming to her.