Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Down and Out.

This is gonna be a tough week... I thought it was going to be great because I got a new bike yesterday (SLC-SL!!) and finished building it last night. Took it out this afternoon for the inaugural ride and was psyched about the upgraded ride quality. I had about a mile to go until the end of the ride and was cruising down congress on my way back to barton springs. At 8th and congress I had a green light, a lady going the opposite direction was was turning left and came to a stop to let me go. last minute i guess she decided to try to make it and gunned it. i was moving about 30-35 mph trying to go the same speed as traffic and just couldn't stop in time. I put a big dent in her car and put my elbow through her windshield, and the first thing i heard after she hit me was the sound of carbon shattering...Not even 20 miles on the first ride and my bike is trash. I layed in the street unable to move and the EMT's scooped me up, put me on a backboard, strapped on a neck brace, and loaded me into the ambulance. In the ambulance they were shining flash lights in my eyes, checking my blood pressure, sticking needles in me, wiping up blood, and covering me with heart-rate moniters. Once I got to the hospital they were picking glass out of my arm, scrubbing the road rash, cleaning the open wounds, x-raying my back, and asking me a bunch of questions i was too drugged up to answer. My parents are awesome and picked me up from the hospital and took me home so they can cater to me and grow gray hairs. I don't think I'll be doing Tour Das Hugel on saturday. Way too sore to move much right now and doctors say it's gonna be worse tomorrow. Fortunately I'm drugged up on a bunch of hydrocodone right now and as soon as i lay down I'll be out for the night. Hopefully everyones having a better week..

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coppertop10 said...

maybe you should take up volleyball... not many volleyball players get hit by cars... just sayin...

: ) glad you're alright!!