Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day of firsts

Today was pretty crazy... The presidential inauguration of our first black president, the first day of classes for the semester, and I swam for the first time in a pretty long time. I froze my ass off and am not doing that again until it warms up.
Besides the swim I've been feeling pretty good in workouts. My focus for the season is going to be the run, motivated after struggling through '08. Local celebrity Brandon Marsh is helping me out with some structure up to Lonestar half in April. It's nice having that 1-on-1 coaching that's focused on my capabilities and goals instead of the textbook mass-printouts that I've been working off of. I've been using those as a loose structure and do the fine tuning myself, so it's great having more specific workouts from someone who truly knows their stuff. My long run now is up to around 11 miles which I did sunday, and it hurt. It was a combination of feeling like I was running on sand, struggling to not drag my feet, and staying motivated to not bail out early, but I made it and it's alot more than I could do a month or so ago. It only gets better from here...

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