Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Post

I've decided to write a new post every time I swim, so once a month I'll have something new up here haha... but really.
All the exciting stuff that happened I've forgotten by the time I actually get around to updating. Training's been very good with the exception of a week or so of weak running. I was feeling confident and strong on the bike yesterday until James Bonney came around me and brought me back to reality.
Galveston is about 1.5 weeks away and Collegiate Nationals is about 3.5 weeks away, and a stomach bug has pulled the reins on training a little bit. As of now I don't plan on taking a day off until I start a 4 day taper for galveston, then try to figure out how to recover, train back to par, and taper for nationals. Not sure how that'll go...
Hope everyone who still has a spring break had a good one, until next month...

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