Sunday, February 22, 2009

I hate when I do a workout in the morning and the weather is crappy then as soon as I finish and plant myself on the couch with a weeks worth of caffeine and carbs the weather turns to perfect. Just thought I'd share that, seems to happen to me alot.
this weekend consisted of alot of running, and absolutely zero cycling, so far. Friday was a fairly steady 8 mile run. Saturday I had every intention of getting my long run out of the way and riding long today (sunday). My legs weren't feelin it saturday so I made it 5 miles and headed to work. Today was a 15 mile run that I paced terribly, pushed too hard too early, but all-in-all went well except now I have a painfully tight hamstring. My only ride since wednesday is gonna be about 20-25 minutes to try and loosen up the legs later this afternoon. The plan is to get back on track starting tomorrow.
And here's where I try and sell you on a product I like: FLUID! A couple weeks ago I got a new sponsorship with Fluid recovery, and the stuff works. There're only two flavors right now, "berry treasure" being the better of the two. Nothing but good things to say about it so go give it a try.


-Brandon said...

Start out all runs like an old man and finish like a kid.

coppertop10 said...

berry treasure?

heh heh heh