Monday, July 20, 2009

Marble Falls

I'm not usually very big about race reports on smaller races, but I think it was a good one.
First and foremost, Marble Falls is a great race and any triathlete who's never done it is missing out. It's smaller (500) but has flawless support.
The first wave was scheduled to go at 7am which makes for an early morning for Austinites commuting the morning of. I was in the first wave (35 & Under) and think it's important to mention I did not realize James Bayles was in my AG. The gun goes off and from the start 2 people got ahead of me in the water. I came out slightly overheated from 85 degree water with 3 others, got ahead of them in transition, passed another on the climb out of transition, and tried to keep the remaining guy (Bayles) in site through the constant hills. That only lasted the first half of the bike. I was 2nd into transition with Terranova and Dietsch quickly closing the 3 minute gap from the wave behind me. I left T2 hoping to get the leader back in sight. The course was mostly flat but had a couple very short, very steep hills. Terranova passed me at the 2-mile mark right before we saw the leader heading back in on the out-and-back. I simultaneously realized it was Bayles and we weren't catching him. At mile ~3 Vince Dietsch flew by me and I held the rest off for the rest of the race. Trowbridge closed about a minute on me so he didn't pass me but beat me overall. I was happy to take 5th behind that respectable crowd and walk away with season-best splits (and an AG win!).

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