Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My eventful weekend

Saturday morning I was up early for the ATC saturday ride. Feeling good and nothing else going on that weekend I went all out and A-Packed with Grant and Carlos to the point where I was waiting my my legs to explode. I got back to the shop feeling the wasy I usually do after the ride- wobbly, overheated, and immensely dehydrated. Then I got a call from C-May asking if we would get up at 4am the next day and go to San Antonio for the State TTT Championship. That sucked. I said yes, that sucked more. Had a few beers that night, got to sleep not early enough. Up at 3:30 sunday and couldn't wake up. I tried a redbull, that didn't do much so I jumped in the shower... with the redbull, that helped. Threw on the ATC Racing kit, loaded my stuff, and met everyone at Corey's by 5. We parked, did the regular pre-race runthrough, and left for the start-line to avoid pulling a "Darragh" (show up 2-3 minutes late). With no warm-up, atrocious caloric intake, and a complete lack of TTT practice we rolled into the start tent and waited for the gun. The first couple miles we stuck to the premeditated plan of rollout order and rotation until I felt the pace lose momentum and I came off the back to take an out-of-turn pull for our just-got-back-from-honeymmoon-and-haven't-been-on-a-bike-in-2-weeks teammate Adam. Or in his words, when I attacked off the back. Sorry. Grant, Corey and I tried to keep the pace steady and deliver Corey a TTT to avenge his ITT the day before and we all suffered in the process. We rolled across the finish line under 56 minutes with a new skill of TTT'ing, sweaty, cross-eyed and as champions. That's right. The four of us are cat4 State Team Time Trial Champions. It might not sound like an actual accomplishment, but.... it sort of kind of is. And for once we didn't completely sandbag in the 5-category.
So in one weekend I learned warm-up, redbull, aero-helmets = good, and 3:30am, ATC saturday ride, beer, and no warm-up = bad.

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