Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter time!

Here's my Longhorn post-race post. If you're looking for something exciting and interesting to read, sorry.
Going into the race I accepted that no matter how good I felt in the training leading up to the race, it was very late in the season for me, and I had that dreaded burnt-out feeling. Option 'A' was I could pace myself in the race, maintain consistency, and hope to hold it all day. OR, I could go with option 'B' and acknowledge the fact that I might fall apart at any point in the race and I should go as hard as I could until I blow up. Option A was smart, logical, and the training I had done was optimal for it. I took option B. Everything went as planned...

The swim went well despite going into the race with a separated shoulder (AC joint, courtesy of Marty). Some pain on the bike lead to doing alot of the ride with one arm in the aerobars, bad arm in my lap. 8:30's on the run, 'nuff said. I finished, I was happy, I'm done for the season.
Winter plans include alot of running due to a long triathlon season of not feeling comfortable on the run, maybe a marathon or something. And I don't ride or swim in cold (sub 60) weather.

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