Monday, October 19, 2009

Longhorn 70.3

Yeah, it's time to start the annoying race-day count down again. Not really.
It's the end of Monday, race is Sunday, and I'm trying to convince myself I'm not ready so I have my ritualistic pre-race anxiety. Which isn't all that hard to do considering I'm not ready. (So far) My swim training is the same it always is, 8-10 weeks behind. Since school started- 2 months ago- I haven't had nearly enough time on the bike but all my long rides have been solidly reassuring, and the short stuff has all felt pretty good. Run wise I think I'm more prepared than I've been for previous 1/2 IM's. So we'll see. Unless it's cold and raining, then I know exactly how sunday is going to go :) I plan on getting a post-race up here mon/tues.

Aside from triathlon, I'm STILL a student getting my ass kicked by long commutes, early classes, and work overloads of stuff I usually don't understand. Nothing new.

This may seem like "George's complaint blog" but truth is I enjoy doing everything I do. Wether it's then and there, or what I get to walk away with . Let's hope Longhorn is one of those "then and there" experiences!

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