Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last pre-race post

Well... It's race morning. It's 4:15 here and I've been up since 3:30 trying to eat a big enough breakfast, which is grossly difficult this early/nervous. I think the whole pot of coffee will be sufficient. I couldn't turn my phone off last night because then I'd only have 2 alarms this morning instead of the 3 I'm used to but thankfully I didn't get any calls at ridiculous times of the night, so I'll do what I've never done before and thank everyone for not calling me. Today's itinerary is to leave the hotel at 5, park and be at transition by 5:30, air up tires, fill up bottles, make sure i didn't forget something stupid, get my swim stuff together, then talk some last minute shit to some random participants to make sure everyone knows I'm going for the win :-P Then the pro-race goes off at 6:45, us regulars go off at 7. I have no idea when I'll be posting again. I get home late monday night and plan on sleeping for about 16 hours straight, go to my massage wednesday night, then lay in my parents' pool drinking beer for a week or so, open invite to that if anyone cares to join.


Layne said...

kick some ass George! i'm in for beer and swimming! GeOrge!!

coppertop10 said...

i've been watching your times all day!! woop! GO GEORGE!