Monday, April 14, 2008


Well....shit. The good news is i finished, the bad news is I messed up my right calf at the end of the bike and my time was not between 10-11 hours like i wanted. It was a brutal day, much hotter than expected, and winds so strong I couldn't get up over 14 mph for half the ride. At the turn around on the last loop of the 3 loop course i didn't have enough electrolytes in me and so my body stopped digesting anything, I threw up then blacked out and next thing I know the medic is holding me up telling me I'm out of the race... I said no and got back on my bike :) At the very end of the bike I stood up to climb a small hill up to the finish without realizing my calf was completely cramped up so I get up and push down on it as hard as i could and it felt like every muscle and tendon just shredded. Then I had to run a marathon on it. During the transition from bike to run Dr. Sellers found me and checked it out while i got my helmet and sunglasses on. He gave the ok and I ran my marathon about an hour slower than planned at 4:40 on a very painful leg. During and after the race I swore up and down I'm never doing an ironman again, but now I'm seeing mistakes that could have made the day much faster and less painful. My finishing time was 11:27:16 for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run, and coming in 263rd place. For a first ironman I'm happy I finished and happier it's over with. And thanks again for all of the texts and phonecalls!


coppertop10 said...

i know i've said it like 800 times, but damn, fool, i'm proud of you! now come visit me soooon! oh and give me a call later. : D

Anonymous said...

IRON GEORGE!! I wish EVERYONE could have seen you. Not to mention the fastest time for under 20, and beat by only 1 20 yr. old!!


jgross said...

Glad I got to hear the story; I am forwarding the link onto my family so they can check it out.

The thrill of the race is in your will be back.