Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last day off

So today (thursday) is my last day off from work. As fun as it was sitting around doing absolutely nothing (besides drinking beer/watching movies) I swung by the shop to give my bike the bath it desperately needs and it was completely hectic. They're backed up about 4 custom bike builds, probably a few other builds, and had more repairs and customers than the 4 people working could handle. It really snowballs because when everyone gets stressed, everyone deals with it differently. Don and Adam just give up trying to stay on top of everything and hang out, usually on, and not uncommon for them to be drinking beer. then brad tries hanging on to his end while picking up don and adams, and missy maintains her norm by consistantly working harder than anyone else. Often times I keep on working and hold off the catastrophic crash, but sometimes adam and don make relaxing look way too tempting. It really is one of the most entertaining disasters you can witness. The end result is Brad takes a week or 2 sabatical, lately working at the repair shop at his house, and we eventually get caught up.
On a lighter note, my new bike came in and my lineup now includes an '08 Cervelo soloist-carbon along with my cervelo P3C. Woooo


coppertop10 said...

man... i need a job like that someday : )

i wanna see your new bike

-Brandon said...

I know this is a rhetorical question...but I have to ask anyway:

Have you guys ever thought about a little bit more organization or even a schedule or some sort!?

Pizza is on me tomorrow...actually it's for you and can choose to share if you want with the relaxers and beer drinkers...and Missy too.