Saturday, July 19, 2008

South padre!

Summer vacation is pretty nice when you actually make a point of sitting and doing nothing. Usually I try to run when I can, and swim if possible, etc.. This year all I can do is hobble and drink, and I don't like trying to hobble much. I got up this morning and tried to swim laps in a cresent shaped pool in water so murky I couldn't see the wall, so now I can't even swim for a week. The rest of the day consisted of breakfast/coffee, floating in the gulf, lunch, then floating in the gulf drinking beer, and now it's drinking beer in the condo, eating dinner, possibly going to check out the weight room, drinking beer and launching water balloons off the balcony, then call it a day so we can start over tomorrow. Hope everyones summer is as relaxing as mine!

P.S- crutches don't work well on the beach

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