Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of Season Race

This is the blog where I say everything I've said before then say that this time it's really true. The first being that I'm going to start updating regularly and more frequently and the other that today was the last multisport event of the season for me.
This morning ATC made a strong appearance at the burnet triathlon with 5 guys in the top 10 overall. Conditions were perfect, course was poorly marked but competitive enough to break up any forming groups on the bike and run. Now I'm going to take advantage of my bragging rights (since there was no prize money) about my first overall win in a triathlon, which I unrealistically like to think will stop Don from taunting me about the time he beat me in a sprint a couple years ago. Congrats to him though on his 5th overall finish and to Adams first AG and 8th overall.
For me the rest of the season will probably be focused on cycling and running until CDA training starts in January unless miraculously the Galveston tri is NOT cancelled.


Anonymous said...

I was 7th overall. Congrats on the win, next time we race though I am going to hurt you.

acm said...

And next time I race I'm going to kill you all. Just kidding. George...I didn't know you had a blog!

George said...

Oh god please don't start that, that's how we got into burnet in the first place :-P Bring it Adam, hopefully Amy won't. I have a blog, it just doesn't get updated too often until now