Monday, September 29, 2008

Off season and ACL weekend

It's monday night and I've finally recovered from the carnage that is ACL weekend. It was a heavy weekend of drinking that started on wednesday. The professional drinkers carried it out until sunday night. I, a young amatuer, had to throw in the towel after a horrendous saturday. I didn't get much riding in except for my commutes. This week is probably going to be alot of riding and a few good swims. After a couple short runs i'm having mild, not so much pain, but discomfort, where I had the stress fracture in leg. To be on the safe side and with CDA training in mind I'm taking another couple months off from running.
Training aside, the focus for the rest of the year is school, and not drinking beer ever again. But mostly school. Good luck to everyone doing Longhorn next weekend, if anyone who reads this is racing Longhorn..


apinkin said...

thought you were doing swim/bike at longhorn. do eet!

George said...

haha, hopefully! it'd definitely be fun if nobody falls through on the relay