Friday, October 3, 2008

Longhorn 70.3

Longhorn is this weekend, and I'm secretly really disappointed that I won't be racing it again this year. The turnout looks intense this year with Bjorn Andersson, Simon Lessing, Tim Deboom, Marky V, and Brandon Marsh. I anticipate the swim/bike to be a heated race and can't wait to see who's gonna take it on the run, which all led me to come up with my own race-day playout, so here's how it's gonna go: marky V first out of the water, Lessing and Brandon close in 2nd and 3rd. Bjorn will be backstroking playfully sporting a baggy swimsuit because he knows what's about to happen on the bike. Mile 15 of the bike marky V and Brandon battle for 2nd while being lead by bjorn. The order into T2 off the bike will be Bjorn, Mark, Brandon, and i don't care after that. Brandon and Mark struggle to gap Bjorn who just drop-kicked Tim Deboom, in turn making Lessing afraid to pass Bjorn. Brandon wins, Mark and Bjorn even-tie for second (first time in 70.3 history!!!), Lessing happily accepts a conscious 3rd, Time Deboom wishes he was conscious or 3rd.
As far as the womans race goes we all know by now Amy Marsh faked a stress fracture to train secretly on her new P4 and will win by a huge margin, hurdling over the out-cold Deboom to cartwheel through the finish line, which in it's entirety is obscenely ridiculous and completely untrue. So that's my completely unbiased version on how the race will play out.
If I were to be serious for a brief moment I'd say that I was fortunate enough to hang out with Mark and Bjorn for a short while today, both of whom seemed nonchalantly confident about their own races and it could be anyones day on sunday.

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