Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday was ironman world championships in kona, and as always, it was pretty exciting to watch even from a poor connection on my laptop. My prediction for next year is Chrissie Wellington takes the overall.. Congrats to Grant Glauser in finishing! By the number of DNF's and painfully slow bike/run times for the pros and the AG'ers it must have been a tough day.
Now the only big event left for the season is clearwater then a brief hibernation for triathletes.

The winter can never come too soon after seasons like these. Some good races, alot of bad races, and plenty to learn from. It's good to get into a different rythm now that I don't have anything to train for, just maintainance until January. Now if it'd just start to cool off outside so it felt like the off-season.

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