Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School, training, and Ironman champions

First things first, this past weekend was Ironman Wisconsin and Austin's own Brandon and Amy Marsh went up to rock the course. Brandon came in 9th pro (10th OA) and Amy WON! I wish I was capable of putting as much hardwork and dedication into training as they did and it was great to see it pay off for them.

Onto my less-eventful ramblings:
Baaaaack to school! Damnit. The past four weeks training hours have been almost entirely replaced by school hours, and I still hate it. The bright side is I'm pretty much done with the basic courses and the workload is alot less busy-work, but alot more real work. And I found out I'm not all that great in biology too. I've been squeezing in training in the evenings lately because of this new schedule and am threatening to start doing 5:45am swim workouts. We're even having a little cold front in Austin and I actually got cold during the long Sunday ride with T3-Suzanne, and I made sure to let her know by complaining a little....

This weekend is the Burnet Triathlon which I heard was full, but whoever's doing it I may see you out there! Also Red Licorice Events' "Dude Girl" triathlon at Pace Bend park is sunday, I won't be there.

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Red Licorice Events said...

I know some people. I can get you into the Dude Girl Tri...all you need is a skirt!