Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knees and nutrition

This week seems to be starting out well so far. I like to keep Saturdays the end of my week and Sundays the beginning, keeps me sane. Yesterday was only a 40 mile ride, but it was absurdly windy and I was dumb and did the ride solo... Nooooobody to draft. I did come up on people every now and then and grabbed their wheel for a couple seconds of relief though. Today I started the 10 mile run with the intention of quitting after 2 miles, based on my previous runs in the past week due to alot of pain from a slightly torn patella tendon. The run went well though and the pain was ignorable(word?). I was going to get another 5 in since I missed the long run last week when I was sick, Coach Logan advised against it and said to stick to the schedule. The plan is to get a couple hours in at work then an easy hour or two on the bike then call it a day. If anyone's up for a couple steady-paced 7-mile runs this week I could use the motivation!
As for my new nutritional break-through, my sister made me cookies made out of coconut, banana, oatmeal, and chocolate chips, with no oil, butter, dairy, or flour. Along with a cup of coffee and a couple glasses of water/nuun, it is the best thing in the world before any workout.

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