Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brought to you by nyquil

I have the flu, and from what it sounds like so do most people in central Texas right now. The weekend went well with a 57(?) mile ride followed by a solid workday saturday. Shawn Ullman gets yet another shout out for getting all of us in the VIP room at Aces lounge for the ACDC cover band show, which from what I remember was great. I got up at 7 on sunday to run... and wasn't feeling it, so I slept until 10. Still feeling sluggish I gave up the idea of running and tried to ride. An hour in I realized I wasn't hung over, I was sick. I went home to lay down and couldn't get up for a couple hours. I had a 100 degree fever and barely made it to the end of the Super Bowl (great game!). So monday/today I've been achey, energyless, nauseous, and chilly. On top of that I've been trying to finish my paper over "Federal Food Regulation and Safety" while alternating between dayquil, nyquil, and alka-seltzer. I hate school work, cold medicine doesn't make it much easier.

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